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Cross + Medaille Bracelet - MEDJUGORJE

Tresor Bleu Exclusive

Item No. 726BMC1

Pilgrimage Bracelet handmade Medjugorje, Bosnia.

This handwoven bracelet features a tasseled white and blue and white macrame with a Miraculous Medal and Cross. Bracelet fits up to 9.5" wrist, fully adjustable. This style of bracelet is a well-known memento of those who have personally visited the Apparition site. The small town of Medjugorje is the site of the 1981-1982 Marian Apparitions with six teens as the witnesses over a year-long period.  While these Apparitions are still being validated by the Vatican, Pope Francis encourages visiting this holy site and the nearby Saint James Church.  As with Lourdes, Liseux and Fatima, many miracles and conversions have been attributed to the pilgrims who have visited the holy apparition site at Medjugorje, which now attracts over 1 million visitors a year.  It sits near the border of Bosnia and Croatia.  The site was condemned during the Bosnian War, but pilgrims still came to the site of the "Blue Cross" where they, for the most part, could not be found.  The Miraculous Medal comes from 1830 Parisian Apparition with Saint Catherine Laboure as the witness.