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Round Miraculous Medal Gold Vermeil - c. late-mid Century French

Trésor Bleu

ITEM NO. B100.102

Origin:  French mid-century

Quarter-sized medal with round openwork.  The Miraculous Medal was conceived in 1830 in Paris, France, upon the Apparition of Mary to St. Catherine of Laboure.

The elements of the design encapsulate major Marian tenets and of the Catholic faith.

Front side:

  • Mother – Her open arms, the "recourse" we have in her.
  • Immaculate – The words, "conceived without sin."
  • Assumed into Heaven – She stands on the globe.
  • Mediatrix – Rays from her hands symbolizing "graces."
  • Our Protection – Crushes the serpent (Gn 3:15).

Reverse side:

  • The large letter "M" – Mary as Mother, Mediatrix.
  • Cross and bar – Jesus' Cross of Redemption. Interleaving of the M and the cross shows Mary’s close involvement with Jesus, which also implied her role as mediatrix
  • 12 stars – 12 Apostles; also recall the vision of Saint John as experienced in Book of Revelation 12:1: "And a great sign appeared in heaven: A woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and on her head a crown of twelve stars"
  • Left Heart – The Sacred Heart of Jesus, who died for the sins of humankind.
  • Right Heart – The Immaculate Heart of Mary, who intercedes for sinners.
  • Flames around both hearts – The burning love Jesus and Mary have for all people.

 Trésors blue are tiny pieces of French art, history, and devotion.  Also known as Médailles De Pelerinage" or "Medals of Pilgrimage," these little medals have had voyages from another generation, another life, another country.  The deep "ultramarine" blue is the sacred color of Mary, representing truth, hope, and faith since 200 AD.  People of faith still undertake pilgrimages as a way of deepening their religious devotion, seeking miracles, spiritual healing, forgiveness, or for the journey itself.  The experience is not solely about reaching the end, it is about what is endured, enjoyed, and learned along the way.

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