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Reims Cathedral Vintage Necklace
Reims Cathedral Vintage Necklace
Reims Cathedral Vintage Pendant

Reims Cathedral Vintage Necklace

Item no. 724MSC3

Trésor Bleu Exclusive, Reims, France, c. 1950

The Reims Cathedral, 3 hours outside Paris, has incredible historic significance.  Reims was the site of 25 coronations of the kings of France, from Louis VIII in 1223 to Charles X in 1825, including the crowning of Charles VII in 1429 in the presence of Joan of Arc.  Reims was one of many cities in northern France which were destroyed during WWI.  Reims Cathedral became known as a "Cathedral martyr" because of the German bombardment and was rebuilt in WWII and commemorated the end of the War. 

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