Our Lady of Hal Pendant Necklace

Our Lady of Hal Pendant Necklace

Item № 1128-22LH

Trésor Bleu Exclusive

Belgium, c. 1954

Well-preserved oval cloissoné 825 silver medal.  .6 inches high, rich bleu/blue relief medal featuring our Lady of Hal.  The reverse features the Sacred Heart of Jesus.  Closeup view reveals "ND de Hal" and Mary nursing Jesus and the cannons underneath Mary.

Our Lady of Hal is one of the first Madonnas of the type virgo lactans (nursing virgin) that appeared in Western Europe towards the end of the Middle Ages.  In the Christian world they are justified by this Bible passage: "Blessed is the womb that carried you and the breasts at which you nursed." (Luke 11:27).  After the reformation, a fierce struggle engulfed Belgium as Catholics and Protestants fought for control over the country. Our Lady of Hal, as the most ancient and most important Marian shrine of Belgium, became the symbol and rallying point for Belgium Catholics. Therefore the Protestants, who had already demolished so many statues, made it a priority to destroy the Black Madonna of Hal as well. In 1580 the deciding battle took place. An overwhelming Protestant army laid siege to the town, bombarding it with canon balls. But, legend says, the Queen of Heaven appeared on the city walls and intercepted the fiery balls in her lap. The grateful population brought hundreds of canon balls that had landed inside the city walls to Our Lady, piling them under her bell tower. 32 of those are still kept in the church.

Pendant is hung on an adjustable 24 inch chain, drop bead.  Wrapped for gifting and shipping is free.