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Franciscan Emblem Necklace
Franciscan Emblem Necklace

Franciscan Emblem Necklace

Item no. 1025-55LS

Trésor Bleu Exclusive

Medal origin:   France, c. 1940

Vintage Franciscan emblem medal from 1940.  At the center of the cutwork twelve-pointed cross is a reticulated shield with two crossed hands: of Christ and St. Francis (in habit). The two arms are marked by Stigmata. The Stigmata of St. Francis (called: Alter Christus – a second Christ) confirms his unity with the Crucified Christ. Francis received the Stigmata in 1224, just two years before his death.  Between the two arms is a cross with a crown of thorns forming a ring at the intersection of the beams. The cross is the sign of Christ's Passion and also the sign of repentance which are very specific elements in Franciscan devotion. The billowing clouds from which the arms emerge emphasize the unity between heaven and earth. Below the crossed arms is the Christogram IHS, an abbreviation for the name of Jesus Christ. The inscription on the reverse in French reads: "Loue Soit Nre Seigneur Jesus Christ Toujours", which means "Praised Be The Lord Jesus Christ Always & Forever,


The pendant is hung on our most popular square box chain, 18 inches, center opening, with two bicone beads as a drop.  When worn, it hangs at 23 inches.  An elegant, vintage, understated, timeless piece.  

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