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Saint Anne d’Auray Croix Necklace
Saint Anne d’Auray Croix Necklace

Saint Anne d’Auray Croix Necklace

Item no. LS02154

Trésor Bleu Exclusive

Brittany, France, c. 1945


1.5 inches tall, 1 inch wide, rare medal of St. Anne holding a cross.  

One of France’s most revered shrines is located in Brittany: the Shrine of St. Anne d’Auray. Dedicated to the mother of the Blessed Virgin Mary, it is the sight of an apparition of Saint Anne to a local peasant. Today it is an important pilgrimage center: When Pope John Paul II visited here in 1996 he said Mass for over 160,000 people.

Located in Northwestern France, Brittany is often considered the most Catholic area in the country. The history of Christianity dates back from the 6th Century when missionaries dedicated a chapel to Saint Anne here. But by the year 1600 the chapel was gone and only the name of the village (Keranna, which meant Saint Anne) remained. There was a man in this small village of about 500 people who steadfastly kept the faith. His name was Yves Nicolazic, and one evening in August of 1623, Yves and his brother-in-law encountered a beautiful woman as they were taking their oxen to a watering trough. The woman said nothing to the two men, and they in turn said nothing to anyone else but must have been quite perplexed.

A year later, on August 25, 1624, the lady again appeared to Yves but this time spoke to him in his native Breton language saying “I am Anne, mother of Mary. There was a chapel built here before that was dedicated to me. I ask you to build it again and take care of it because God wants me honored here”.

For some reason Yves still did not take the apparition seriously and continued his daily routine as he always had. Then on March 7, 1625 Yves suddenly saw a single candle burning on the site of the original chapel. The sight was seen by most of the villagers and upon arriving at the site they found an ancient statue of Saint Anne buried in the ground. Finally Yves realized the true purpose of the apparitions and made plans to build a chapel at the sight.


This beautiful cross is set on an 18" rosary-style, 2.5mm each, freshwater pearl necklace with a .5 silver beaded drop. 

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