Notre Dame de Chartres Necklace - c. 1956

Notre Dame de Chartres Necklace - c. 1956

Item no. C100.103

Trésor Bleu Exclusive

Medal origin:   France, c. 1956

This beautiful .8 inch diameter (the size of a penny) is a perfectly preserved- Guilloche style round relief medal from a pilgrimage to Notre Dame de Chartres in France.   By the end of the 12th century the church had become one of the most important popular pilgrimage destinations in Europe. There were four great fairs which coincided with the main feast days of the Virgin Mary: the Presentation, the Annunciation, the Assumption and the Nativity. The fairs were held in the area administered by the cathedral and were attended by many of the pilgrims in town to see the cloak of the Virgin.  Specific pilgrimages were also held in response to outbreaks of disease. When ergotism (more popularly known in the Middle Ages as "St. Anthony's fire") afflicted many victims, the crypt of the original church became a hospital to care for the sick.

The medal has a .5 drop with a crucifix-inspired sterling silver connector.  The sterling silver box chain features a movable silicone-lined bead that allows you to adjust the chain length to any length up to 20" (maximum).  This chain is plated with fine silver to ensure a bright white color and to help protect against tarnish.

Specifications of Chain:

  • Metal type : Sterling silver
  • Karat/purity : 925
  • Width : 1.0mm
  • Overall length/dimensions : 20" (adjustable)
  • Clasp type : Lobster
  • Country of origin : Italy

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