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Argent Infante de Prague Necklace
Argent Infante de Prague Necklace

Argent Infante de Prague Necklace

Item №  LS03092

Origin:  France, c. 1944 (Infant of Prague large medal); Lourdes, France, c. 1958 (small medal)

Trésor Bleu Exclusive

Beautiful, unique round silver-engraved pendant featuring the Infant of Prague in relief.  In reverse is imagery of Lamb of God (Agnes Dei in French).  Perfectly preserved, .75 inches in diameter.  This piece is paired with a tiny, 2 mm, blue hexagon medal commemorating the Apparition at Lourdes.  Drop set with a filigree silver  (non-vintage) 5 mm connector and set on a beautiful, .85 mm rounded box chain, 18 inches long, 925 sterling, Italy.  16 inches long, 17.5 with drop.

Today, numerous Catholic pilgrims pay homage to the Infant of Prague. It is one of the major pilgrimage centers in Central Europe, with the Prague church housing the Infant Jesus statue offering regular mass in French, Czech, Spanish, Italian and German languages. Statuettes of the Infant Jesus are placed inside many Catholic churches, sometimes with the quotation, "The more you honour me, the more I will bless you.”  

Trésors blue are tiny pieces of French art and devotion.  Also known as Médailles De Pelerinage" or "Medals of Pilgrimage," these little medals have had voyages from another generation, another life, another country.  The deep "ultramarine" blue is the sacred color of Mary, representing truth, hope, and faith since 200 AD.  

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