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About Trésor Bleu



We believe that jewelry is not about what you have, it's about who you are.  Trésor Bleu honors history, faith and our common journeys.  Our one-of-a-kind vintage medals have had their own journeys around the world, with years of prayer, years of wear.  If only they could talk.  

Most of the medals were originally acquired through Catholic pilgrimages.   Catholic pilgrimages in France date back to the Middle Ages, but peaked in the late 19th to mid 20th Century, after the Apparitions at Lourdes (1858) through after World War II.  While people still travel and take pilgrimages to these places, modern consumerism has broken the magic of having a memento so special it could only be from one place, one time, with one blessing.  These items are special.  Not only to the eventual recipient, but to all who wore them before.

Most of the medals are blue (ultramarine blue) because blue is the "color of Mary," representing truth, honor and holiness. All of our vintage medals are acquired from French estate sales, brocantes (upscale French flea markets) or by individuals.  Please take care of your trésor the way it has been taken care of in the past:  with veneration.   



Trésor Bleu