A journey back to Lourdes

110 Years:  A Journey Back to Lourdes

Eyma Schären wearing 1908 Lourdes Medal from Trésor BleuLourdes Medal from 1908 - the 50th Anniversary of the Apparition

We talk a lot about the stories of our medals and their journeys through time: if our medals could only talk.  One of our 1908 vintage Lourdes medals has had a particularly interesting journey this year that continues. 

Eyma Schären as  Saint Bernadette

We acquired a 1908 Médaille from the Netherlands, originally acquired by a Dutch pilgrim to the 50th anniversary of Lourdes, an event attended by thousands of pilgrims from Europe and beyond before World War I.   A timeless, rare piece made of 825 French silver with a classic image of Bernadette and Mary in the Grotto on one side, and the reverse stamped in relief the actual words spoken to Bernadette by Mary, in French.

Eyma Schären will play Bernadette in the musical

Fast forward to Summer, 2018.  TrésorBleu, based in California, received an order for the unique 1908 medal from, of all places, Lourdes, France.  It seemed like that this 110 year old medal was destined to return to its home.  Shortly after the arrival in Lourdes, the customer reached out to us with photos, telling us it was being gifted to Eyma Schären, a 16-year old French girl with the voice of an angel who has been selected to play Saint Bernadette in a new French Musical:  Bernadette d'Lourdes.  Eyma wore the medal at the live debut of the single "Porque Moi," or "Why Me?" which has now been released in 6 languages including English.  You can listen to the English version HERE, and the French version HERE.  

Lourdes medal of pilgrimage makes its way back to Lourdes 110 years later...

For those wanting to make the pilgrimage to Lourdes to see this amazing production, it debuts July.  For more information on the musical you can visit their website, HERE.

Cast Photo:  Bernadette of Lourdes Musical coming to France July 2019