St Anthony of Padua / St Christopher Medal - c. 1910

Trésor Bleu Exclusive

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Origin:  Italy, c. 1910

Italian antique brass pendant, double sided with relief images of St. Anthony of Padua on one side, St. Christopher on reverse.  St. Anthony is typically depicting holding an infant Jesus, a metaphor for his closeness to Our Savior.  Verso is St. Christopher, also holding Jesus.  St. Christopher is the patron saint of Journeys.

Trésors blue are tiny pieces of art and devotion.  Also known as "Médailles De Pelerinage" or "Medals of Pilgrimage," these little medals have had voyages from another generation, another life, another country.  Blue is the sacred color of Mary, representing truth, hope, and faith since 200 AD.  People of faith still undertake pilgrimages as a way of deepening their religious devotion, seeking miracles, spiritual healing, forgiveness, or for the journey itself.  The experience is not solely about reaching the end, it is about what is endured, enjoyed, and learned along the way.

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