St Therese Prayer Capsule, French, c. 1917 (WWI)

Trésor Bleu

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Item N°. ST-116B

Trésor Bleu Exclusive - Antique (more than 100 years old) France, c.1917 (World War I)

We love that our trésors have years of wear, years of prayer. If only these "Ballers de Prièr" - AKA, prayer bullets - could talk. French soldiers in World War I originally created these artifacts by hand, by using empty ammunition (bullet) casings to create sacred pieces of art, due to them being so malleable and plentiful during WWI. Once crafted, they would add a saint, or Mary, and take them with them as a portable prayer tool.  Once this trend caught on, other shapes and items were made from the plentiful copper casings, and gifted to French soldiers to take with them into battle.

This unique piece is a very TINY, and has a early 20th century rosary, also very small.  Capsule measures .9 inches tall, .7 inches wide, with a medal of St. Therese on the outside.  One of her sayings was "do small things with great love," this is a lovely metaphor for her teachings.   Add a rosary, medal, or other gift to this capsule.

This "Baller de Prière" makes a perfect travel piece, or journey-through-life piece. All trésors are custom wrapped for gifting and shipping is free within the U.S.