Sacred Heart with Wings (With a Message Inside)

Trésor Bleu

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Large Reproduction of French Ex Voto from late 1800s

The Latin term ex voto (short for ex voto suscepto, “from the vow made” has been a Catholic symbolic offering placed in a home, church, or shrine as a thanksgiving for a miracle received.  Knowing that many people place a prayer, intention, or blessing in these beautiful antique-inspired lockets, we've placed our favorite quote about love inside, tied off with a velvet ribbon and green twine.

The quote, printed on paper from French philosopher and author, Victor Hugo:  "L’esprit s’enrichit de ce qu’il reçoit, Le coeur de ce qu’il donne," or "The spirit lifts with what it receives, the heart with what it gives."

MEANING.  The premise of the Catholic ex voto is the vow, in a moment of hardship, crisis, or ill health, to give public thanks to God.  The ex voto, in turn, is the concrete testimonial of that vow’s fulfillment, an object that stands as the material representation of the miracle itself.   Ex votos are also offered in thanksgiving for unexpected miracles, in which case they function as public affirmations of God’s constant powerful presence in the lives of the faithful.  This one opens, to add a prayer or other sentiment.

SIZE - Measures 7" tall x 9" inches wide.  

The size of this reproduction Ex-Voto makes it a perfect gift, altar piece, or large ornament.  See images for further detail.

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